Interactive Congress Format

ICSEI 2022 will be interactive and digitalĀ 

During the pandemic, many people have experienced that traditional conferences often become intense and tiring when they become digital. The lack of dialogue and togetherness can turn the participants into a passive and lonesome audience.

This year we will once again partner with LearnLab to make ICSEI 2022 motivating and interactive, using digital tools where participants can see one another’s contributions, suggestions, and input. In this way, participants can participate in collective idea development where they see and build on what others are thinking.

We will make the keynotes and many of the parallel presentations into interactive learning sessions with a focus on the participants being able to collaborate and discover key concepts themselves. The interactive functions and structure of the learning sessions will be developed to include participants in their own learning. By advancing and promoting deeper learning, congress delegates can discover new concepts together.

We will use LearnLab, a unique collection of learning tools and content designed to be engaging, fun, collaborative and interactive, while also giving users unique insights. Each LearnLab session can be created, using various interactive tasks, to fit specific concepts and goals. Participants visualize, cooperate, communicate, and go deeper to explore themes and concepts in an engaging way. LearnLab is created with digital collaboration in mind, enabling participants to produce content and be active in their learning. Participants can interact verbally and by using their phones, tablets, and computers.

In this way, the facilitators at ICSEI 2022 will use interactive tools to promote collective learning, knowledge production and reflection.

Further information on the high level programme and keynote speakers coming soon!